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September 2017 intake

Nyandarua Institute of Science and Technology Administration Block

Nyandarua Institute of Science and Technology invites application for the following TVET courses for  September 2017 intake

CodeCourse NameMinimum QualificationDurationExam Body


BS/01Diploma in Human Resource Management Module I, II & IIIC- minus KCSE1 Year/moduleKNEC
BS/02Diploma in Business Management Module 1,II & IIIC- minus KCSE1 Year/moduleKNEC
BS/03Diploma in Sales and Marketing Module 1C- minus KCSE1 Year/moduleKNEC
BS/04Diploma in Procurement (Supply Chain Management) Module 1& IIC- minus KCSE1 Year/moduleKNEC
IT/01Diploma in Information Communication Technology – DICT Module 1, II & IIIC- minus KCSE1 Year/moduleKNEC
DBT/01Diploma in Building Technology – Module I. II & IIIC- minus KCSE1 Year/moduleKNEC
BCE/02Diploma in Civil Engineering –Module I, II & IIIC- minus KCSE1 Year/moduleKNEC
AE/01Diploma  in Automotive Engineering –Module   I, II & III C- minus KCSE 1 Year/module KNEC
AE/03Diploma in General Agriculture Module – Module I, II & III C- minus KCSE1 Year/moduleKNEC
EE/01Diploma in Electrical Engineering- Power Option Module  I, II & IIIC- minus KCSE 1 Year/module KNEC
LE/01 Diploma in Computerized Secretarial Studies – Module 1   C- minus KCSE1 Year/module KNEC
LE/02 Diploma in Library Information Studies   C- minus KCSE 3 Years KNEC


BS/08Certificate in Business Management Module I & IID KCSE mean grade1 Year/moduleKNEC
BS/10Certificate in Procurement (Supply Chain Management) Module 1D KCSE mean grade1 Year/moduleKNEC
IT/02Certificate in Computer ApplicationsD KCSE mean grade1 Year/moduleKNEC
AE/04Certificate in Automotive Engineering – Module I & II D KCSE mean grade 1 Year/module KNEC
 EE/02 Certificate in Electrical Engineering –Power Option Module I& II D KCSE mean grade1 Year/moduleKNEC


AE/07Driving Certificate (Class E & BCE)KCPE and Above4 WeeksNTSA

How to apply

You can fill a manual application form or apply online

Manual Application

Fill the following manual application and send it to;

Applicants should include photocopies of Academic Certificates, KCSE result slip & Leaving certificate, ID and Birth certificate to reach:-



P.O BOX 2033 – 20300 NYAHURURU

Cell: 0727-256001 / 0732-33575


Online Application

Fill the following online application form, ensure you fill and attach all the required documents. The documents can be in PDF or JPG images or photos.

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