Tenders 2018/2019 financial year

Nyandarua institute of Science and Technology invites applications from interested and competent suppliers for the financial year 2018/2019


NIST/001/2018/2019  Supply and delivery of fresh meat (OPEN)
NIST/002/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of bread (OPEN)
NIST/003/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of dry cereals (PWDs, WOMEN AND YOUTH)
NIST/004/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of fruits and vegetables (PWDs, WOMEN and YOUTH)
NIST/005/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of newspapers (OPEN)
NIST/006/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of building and hardware Materials (OPEN)
NIST/007/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of medical materials (OPEN)
NIST/008/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of firefighting equipment and Maintenance services (OPEN)
NIST/009/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of tonners, printing cartridges, and Photocopier ink (YOUTH, PWDs and WOMEN)
NIST/010/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of office equipment and furniture (OPEN)
NIST/011/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of office stationery (PWDs, YOUTH AND WOMEN)
NIST/012/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of electrical and electronics materials (OPEN)
NIST/013/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of motor vehicle fuel and lubricants (OPEN)
NIST/014/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of sports and games equipments (OPEN)
NIST/015/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of uniforms and protective clothes (OPEN)
NIST/016/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of cleaning materials (PWDs, YOUTH And WOMEN)
NIST/017/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of farm inputs (OPEN)
NIST/018/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of catering equipments (WOMEN, PWDs and YOUTH)
NIST/019/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of automotive auto paints (OPEN)
NIST/020/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of automotive materials (OPEN)
NIST/021/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of shop/supermarket groceries (OPEN)
NIST/022/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of flour and cooking fat (YOUTH, WOMEN AND PWDs)
NIST/023/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of library books and materials (OPEN)
NIST/024/2018/2019 Supply and delivery of laptops, computers and computer Accessories (OPEN)

NIST/025/2018/2019 Provision of security services (OPEN)
NIST/ 026/2018/2019 Provision of printing and supply of branding materials (t- Shirts, banners,) (YOUTH, WOMEN AND PWDs)
NIST/027/2018/2019 Provision of repairs and maintenance for computers, Photocopiers and printers (YOUTH, WOMEN AND PWDs)
NIST/028/2018/2019 Provision of insurance Services (OPEN)
NIST/029/2018/2019 Provision of repair and maintenance of institute motor Vehicles (OPEN)
NIST/030/2018/2019 Provision of repair and maintenance of institute generators (OPEN)
NIST/031/2018/2019 Provision of veterinary services (OPEN)
NIST/032/2018/2019 Prequalification of Consultancy services (OPEN)
NIST/033/2018/2019 Prequalification for construction and building renovations (OPEN)
NIST/034/2018/2019 Prequalification of expansion and installation of CCTV surveillance system (OPEN)
NIST/035/2018/2019 Provision of Sanitary and Fumigation (WOMEN, PWDs AND YOUTH)

The interested eligible bidders may obtain the tender documents containing full details upon payment of a non refundable fee of Ksh 1000 at

Nyandarua Institute of Science and Technology (Nyandarua County)

ACCOUNTS OFFICE during working hours 8am to 4pm from Monday to Friday.

Completed tender document enclosed in plain sealed envelope marked with the tender number and the tender name should be deposited in the tender box provided in the administration block. To be received on or before 10am Friday 8th June 2018 addressed to

The Principal Nyandarua Institute of Science and Technology

P.O Box 2033-20300 Nyahururu.

Tenders shall be opened immediately thereafter at the institute board room in the presence of bidders or their representative who choose to attend.

Late bids will not be accepted and shall be returned unopened.


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