Office of the Career Services


Nyandarua institute of science and technology (NIST) started in the year 2006 with a capacity of 26 students. The first bunch of graduands graduated in the year 2011, second graduation took place in the year 2014 while the third graduation was in May 2019.

Graduation is only the beginning, your connection to NIST can last a lifetime!


One of the mandate of the office is to form the alumni group, whose objectives are:

  • Networking with all former students.
  • To assist students with industrial linkage for jobs opportunities and the career progress.
  • Official launching of the alumni association.

 NIST provides a platform for alumni to stay connected and support the college. We offer opportunities for alumni and student success while perpetuating NIST traditions.

The career services office supports and coordinates the activities of the alumni network until official launching of the alumni.

This information is given to you so that you can join us as our esteemed alumni. Thank you.



Mary Ng’ang’a

Career services officer