Mathematics & Science

Mathematics  and Science Department is a service department, that came out due to need to improve performance of students in this subjects. The Department is new, and it serves across all departments in Diploma and Certificate levels, the many subjects that are taught by our highly capable lecturers include Engineering math, Business Math, Quantitative Techniques(QT), Physical Sciences, Mechanical Sciences and other Engineering Courses.

Math and Sciences are the two subject areas that one is required to have performed well for one to join most of our courses especially in the Engineering Departments. So we place a lot of emphasis and effort in teaching this two subjects, it is for this reason that has seen the department gradually improve the pass rate among our students.

The Department Plans to introduce other new courses; particularly in Analytical Chemistry and Biological Sciences in the future.

The Department has qualified PSC Lecturers who are highly capable and dedicated to their job, we have a wide variety of instruction materials in our library. So we encourage prospective Students to join us, we promise you as a department to make doing Mathematics and Sciences interesting and fun for you

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