ADVERT:Provision of Dedicated 10 Mbps Internet Link and Installation of Wireless Network(WIFI)

Nyandarua Institute of Science and Technology needs to install a secure wireless network (WIFI) and upgrade its internet Bandwith  to 10 Mbps. We are looking for quotation from registered internet providers by Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK)


  • Provider must specify the use of fiber to deliver internet service at a latency of not more than 250ms. For redundancy purposes wireless technologies should be provided (WiMAX, Radio…etc.)
  • The provider backbone network MUST be on full redundancy with at least 2 multiple networks e.g TEAMS, SEACOM, EASSy etc.
  • Provide network monitoring tools and state the software to be provided
  • Provider MUST provide flexibility in bandwidth upgrade/downgrade.
  • Provide a draft SLA that includes- deployment and commissioning, service delivery, incident management, exclusions and guarantee 99.5% quarterly network availability.
  • Provide appropriate network monitoring and management tools and reporting interface on a 24x7x365 basis to enable tracking of bandwidth usage patterns. State the tools to be provided.
  • Equipment provided must be able to accommodate the provisioned upload and downlink capacity.
  • Provider shall increase/decrease the bandwidth when need arises through an addendum on the service contract.
  • The Network MUST be secure, reliable, efficient and affordable.
  • If additional equipment are required, indicate all to be supplied as Nyandarua Institute assets and those that remains property of provider.


  • 6Mpbs internet link provided through wireless technology
  • 30 meters radio MAST
  • Firewall/Router/Switches equipment.
  • LAN network with partial fiber optic network


  1. Site survey to verify site details before quoting
  2. Evidence as licensed internet service providers
  3. Past experience
  4. KRA compliance tax certificate

If you are interested please send your quotation addressed to The Principal Nyandarua institute of science and technology quoting the following NIST/SYT/INTQT/01/2016 in a closed envelope placed in a tender box at the administration block on or before 5th January 2017 at 11:00 Am.

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